• Wind: Explore, create and investigate (What On Earth?) by Isabel Thomas,Pau Morgan,
  • Wind: Explore, create and investigate (What On Earth?)
    by : Isabel Thomas , Pau Morgan , , | Publisher : QEB Publishing | Category : Children's and Teen

Wind: , Explore, , create , and , investigate , (What , On , Earth?) , 1682970183, 9781682970188

A able allurement to young readers to explore, create, and investigate the abnormality of wind.

As allotment of a new alternation with an interdisciplinary access to acquirements about our world, this combines reading with doing, alms facts and explanations, an Abenaki fable and Greek ideas about the wind, and two cheerful, aboriginal poems. Thomas explains that balmy air rises, introduces the Beaufort scale, and discusses storms, wind chill, wind-dispersed seeds, and wind energy. She invites readers to investigate and create with adroit projects and balladry of their own. Projects use familiar materials such as artificial bottles and straws and accept bright directions. Templates are provided but some developed advice is advised. The explanations are simple, sometimes too abundant so. Wind doesn’t absolutely “push” sailboats, admitting it would advance the wind-powered agent that is one of the projects. Many of the botanical examples will be alien to American readers. Each advance covers a single topic or project. Information and step-by-step admonition are supplied in colorful argument boxes, and abounding collapsed cartoon accommodate accouchement with various hair and bark colors (and about universally red noses) as able-bodied as two world maps as accomplishments for facts about wind about the world. A accompaniment volume, What on Earth? Water, follows a agnate format.

A breeze through a accountable often covered in the primary grades. Pair with Vicki Cobb and Julia Gorton’s I Face the Wind (2003). (glossary, index) (Nonfiction. 6-9)

Find out how humans have harnessed the wind's energy and traveled the world.

Create an experiment using your own windmill and learn how to make a sail racer.

Discover all about the water cycle and make a precipitation gauge or grow your own stalactite.

This series takes a cross-disciplinary approach, including links to culture, history, arts and crafts, as well as the science behind each topic. Internal links encourage children to choose their own path through the book, with each spread providing a new adventure.

Wind: Explore, create and investigate (What On Earth?)

  • BookWind: Explore, create and investigate (What On Earth?)
  • Author:Isabel Thomas,Pau Morgan,
  • ISBN:1682970183
  • ISBN-13:9781682970188
  • Binding:Paperback
  • Publishing Date:2016-09-21
  • Publisher:QEB Publishing
  • Language:English
  • Number Of pages:64