• The Forgotten Federation (Volume 1) by Fiction Factory Incorporated

The , Forgotten , Federation , (Volume , 1) , 1535171782, 9781535171786

A scientist assembles a second-generation accumulation of superheroes to action a global government angled on assertive altruism in Fiction Factory Incorporated’s debut sci-fi tale.

Dr. Andre Hudson’s abashed of the assignment he’s done for President Ophelia Keating. After orchestrating the amalgamation of apple governments into one, accepted as Parliament, Keating instigated a way to adapt birthrate via the Human Reproductive Vector, which Hudson helped develop. HRV-EST (appropriately pronounced “harvest”) about peddles embryos, benign the affluent with perfect, genetically engineered children. Now a assistant at Harland University, Hudson takes pride in his allotment of the Federation, superheroes who adequate humans from conflicting adjudicator Goliaric of planet Xenoe, disappointment his plan to aphorism Earth. Hudson’s the alone one left, and the alone one after powers, but he sees hope in a TV address on boyhood Ellen Braxton, who allegedly dead addition application electricity she generated. Others crop up, like speedster Damian Gunner, with superpowers very agnate to the aboriginal Federation members. Keating notices them too, and to be on the safe side, she sends twins Snitch and Scoundrel, Xenozians thought to accept abandoned Earth continued ago, to annihilate Ellen and the rest. The president fears new superheroes will put a damper on her aberrant plot, which is to avoid any insurgence from citizens by, absolutely simply, eradicating the poor ones. Like all acceptable superhero yarns, the author’s atypical aboriginal lays the background with a convincing artifice and characters. Ellen, for one, is addled by her mother’s sleazy boyfriend, Eddie, while the apparitional Hudson is buried in mystery. The story has fun with brand fans’ expectations: David Porter’s ability is initially unknown, and one appearance suggests beginning superhero names (rather than adopting old ones) and apparel redesigns. Dialogue does tend to be interchangeable: nearly anybody says “dude” at some point, and alike reptilian conflicting Snitch throws in an “awesome.” But the animating chance rarely falters: powers on display, beaucoup showdowns with appalling baddies, and an catastrophe that promises added adventures for its superheroes—and maybe a few added villains.

Exuberant and entertaining, slyly alienated affected with plausible, admitting superpower-infused, characters.

Four words changed the world: THE FEDERATION IS DEAD. It was the impossible war—the heroes of the Federation against the scourge of the planet Xenoe and their dictator, Goliaric. With the weaknesses of the Federation exposed, both sides crumbled. After Earth’s heroes were dead, Ophelia Keating conquered the political podium, pushing her way into the Presidential chair and closer to world dominance. The new commander-in-chief was free to enact changes to “better” the world which included establishing a one-world governmental body known as Parliament. Then came the worldwide decree intended to control Earth’s overwhelming population crisis Keating called HRV-EST, the Human Reproductive Vector, yet another shackle on the human race. But that was years ago, too many years for Doctor Andre Hudson to remember. He lost faith long ago, shedding his youthful alter ego, Hacker, and conceding to a monotonous, middle-aged life. That is, until accounts of superhuman happenings begin to flood the headlines. His hope is rekindled as the search begins for the young superheroes. He must locate the newfound champions and prepare them for combat before they are destroyed by a government that wants to crush the Insurgence once and for all. But will his young superheroes be willing to fight a war that is not their own? Enter a dystopian world of superheroes and archenemies built especially for you by the workers of FICTION FACTORY INCORPORATED

The Forgotten Federation (Volume 1)

  • BookThe Forgotten Federation (Volume 1)
  • Author:Fiction Factory Incorporated
  • ISBN:1535171782
  • ISBN-13:9781535171786
  • Binding:Paperback
  • Publishing Date:2016-10-06
  • Publisher:CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Language:English
  • Number Of pages:360