• Reliant's: Price (The Collector Series) (Volume 2) by Stephen Logsdon
  • Reliant's: Price (The Collector Series) (Volume 2)

Reliant's: , Price , (The , Collector , Series) , (Volume , 2) , 0986140236, 9780986140235

A survivor of the aboriginal encounter with aliens in 2164 spearheads a mission to accomplishment a hijacked noncombatant address and crew from an evidently advancing breed in this sci-fi tale.

Lt. Barrett Hannum, navigator for the scientific barge the Odysseus, pulled through afterwards an conflicting spacecraft dubbed the Titan hijacked the humans’ ship. But abandoned he and Commander Tori Waylon—stuck in a medical repair-bot AutoDoc—are left, with the barge and remaining aggregation lost. Hannum’s best up by a warship, the Franklin Moyer, whose captain wants to use him and his DarkStars (probes), adapted with alien hardware by his bogus intelligence, Aeon, to acquisition the Odysseus and another missing accurate ship, the Reliant. Admitting the Titan’s no best orbiting the aliens’ ocean planet, ablaze years abroad from Earth, Hannum can use a DarkStar to browse and appraise the colossal vessel. He’s also able to appearance a recording of the Reliant’s acquaintance with aliens, who appear to attack, admitting Aeon speculates that the after activity may accept been initiated for a acumen added than hostility. Hannum, answer to abettor commander and with the advice of abiding Aeon, leads Marines in an accomplishment to locate the Reliant and its crew. It’s an backbreaking and alarming task, fabricated even more difficult by afraid Commander Nicole Reed aboard the Franklin Moyer. The additional in Logsdon’s (Odysseus, 2015) alternation shows audible evolution; the above-mentioned access was predominantly Hannum abandoned with Aeon, admitting the latest atypical features numerous characters and some action. This time Hannum finer gets an upgrade, able to antipodal with Aeon mentally, which the AI eventually explains. The two about allege in hypotheticals, because they apperceive little about the other species, sparking an arresting adverse amid attentive Hannum, concerned with rescuing people, and the Marines, accessible for war. Disappointingly, aliens are rarely visible, abreast from a tentacled creature humans name the Kraken, and alike a battle-laden final act, while exciting, involves an adversary that’s unseen. Logsdon’s anecdotal is abominably bedridden by sometimes blank descriptions, like the “very oriental looking” female officer. There are, however, several aggressive but ultimately unresolved notions, including a Tori-centric twist, all hopefully aflame in a later book.

The columnist wisely expands his fictional and more arresting affected universe, with allowance to grow.

IN BOOK ONE, when the scientific survey ship Odysseus set out on her fateful last voyage, humanity was all alone in the galaxy. It appeared open for expansion without boundary, and for years this held true as the assumption grew that the stars were made for us alone. But that luck had to end sometime, and when it finally did, it reaffirmed that the universe could be a very treacherous place. Despite this, Barrett Hannum was the lucky one. Because, even though he was on that fateful ship, he was only one of two to survive the seizing of it by aggressive alien entities. He also lived long enough to be rescued. NOW IN BOOK 2, the cards are stacking up once again. Humanity is confronted with yet another alien encounter, with yet another possible hostile species. This time, it’s Odysseus’s sister-ship, the Reliant, and whether by misunderstanding or not, first-contact is done with weapons and not words of friendship. With the backing of the military, aboard a well-armed destroyer, he will have to delicately balance on the razor’s edge, between its heavy hand and an unknown alien force inclined in pushing humanity into an all-out war.

Reliant's: Price (The Collector Series) (Volume 2)

  • BookReliant's: Price (The Collector Series) (Volume 2)
  • Author:Stephen Logsdon
  • ISBN:0986140236
  • ISBN-13:9780986140235
  • Binding:Paperback
  • Publishing Date:2016-10-18
  • Publisher:Stephen Logsdon
  • Language:English
  • Number Of pages:290