• Inside the Flavor League: A Slightly Buzzed Satirical Novel by Paul Moser
  • Inside the Flavor League: A Slightly Buzzed Satirical Novel
    by : Paul Moser , | Publisher : Venial Press | Category : Fiction & Literature

Inside , the , Flavor , League: , A , Slightly , Buzzed , Satirical , Novel , 098479414X, 9780984794140

A abusive yarn traces the roots of a abstruse association ecology and angrily absorption the adherence of alcoholic beverages.

At the amount of Moser’s (T-Bull and the Lost Men, 2013) atypical is a bent affiliation of do-gooders self-charged with angry the “unremitting angry in the exchange of cooler alcohol.” Calling itself the Flavor League, the 14-member consortium, founded to “bring amends to the murky, sleazy, down-and-dirty apple of wine and spirits,” seeks to appropriate the wrongs committed by affluent and able entities gluttonous to ascendancy alcohol consumption and its amusing sophistication. The book provides a fictional history of the league’s birth in the 1980s and its development as a progressive entity through the action of two basic associates who met in 1987: San Franciscan wine tasters Margot Sipski and Brewster Hotte, the closing actuality the group’s divorced, oddball, freelance-writing 14th member. Margot is active with an ascent career as a wine ascendancy while Brewster, son of a asleep vodka magnate, pines for her absorption alike with a blah reputation. The league emerges as a appalling attendance in the cooler landscape, primarily since operatives use a secret, long-acting delicate weapon alleged “MLII,” which strips targets of their adeptness to aftertaste and smell, apprehension them abortive in the liquor marketplace. Befitting his two aberrant protagonists, Moser’s tone is absurd and plucky, affective apace through the pair’s adventures. But in the author’s cleverly imaginative, semifuturistic apple of alcohol actuality exploited for arduous avarice, banks hiring chief astrologers, and vodka acceptable the currency of kings, abominable business practices are apprenticed to churn. The stakes increase in this anarchistic adventure back Brewster hears of his brother Jock’s new artefact band business things like a watered-down alcoholic cooler aimed at amateur and children: “the ones who dream of accepting a drink.” The league knows Jock’s business is a prime applicant for MLII but hesitates to act. Still, Brewster and Margot apply an advancing artifice to stop Jock’s genetically modified vodka assembly activity as added groups, like Univod, a powerful, politically affiliated vodka establishment, additionally appear into the league’s cross hairs. Bartenders and sommeliers may decidedly get a bang out of the frothy “alcoholic coup” bubbles at the absurd novel’s climax; others might enjoy this failing ball with a annealed alcohol and an accessible mind.

A conspiratorial, character-driven, and fantastically artistic account of high-end liquor and alien melodrama.

The fact is, you're probably not aware that someone is out there working overtime to keep you safe from the worst drinks ever devised, worse even than a kale martini or a Chlamydia on the Beach.

And it's okay to admit it, because you're not alone. So little is known about the dark world of alcohol espionage that very few have heard the story of the Flavor League: that hearty band of connoisseurs, idealists, nerds, and adult delinquents who, armed with nothing but their wits and a few impressive examples of cutting-edge pharmacology, strive tirelessly to safeguard the quality of the lubricants you rely on daily to cope with brutal first-world problems.

The story is emphatically not a dry history, some laundry list of exploits, removed from the daily lives of flesh-and-blood humans with real liver and kidney issues. In fact, it features two people real enough to stumble through the messy beginnings of a love affair while becoming legends in the field of ethanol policing: one a brilliant if somewhat erratic member of the League, the other a maverick tasting genius whose passionate hatred of vodka transforms the world of drinks. Two people who give new meaning to the word courage. Also to the words weird and obsessive.

So let me invite you to settle in with a bottle or two of your favorite libation, and drink your way into the somewhat woozy heart of wine and spirits justice, the battle against hucksters and flavor chemists and alcohol evil-doers of every stripe, including the ruthless ringleaders of UNIVOD, the shadowy organization whose iron fist controls modern Russia and its vodka supply, and at one point nearly that of the rest of the world, too.

How were the nefarious plans of these blackguards foiled? What's the best mineral water for a hangover? How do they get that horrible red color into those cherries? We've got a double shot of answers for you in this book: often shaken, sometimes stirred, sometimes even on the rocks--but always with a twist!

Inside the Flavor League: A Slightly Buzzed Satirical Novel

  • BookInside the Flavor League: A Slightly Buzzed Satirical Novel
  • Author:Paul Moser
  • ISBN:098479414X
  • ISBN-13:9780984794140
  • Binding:Paperback
  • Publishing Date:2016-11-09
  • Publisher:Venial Press
  • Language:English
  • Number Of pages:0