• Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In by Bernie Sanders
  • Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In
    by : Bernie Sanders , | Publisher : Thomas Dunne Books | Category : Current Affairs

Our , Revolution: , A , Future , to , Believe , In , 1250132924, 9781250132925

A aphotic horse speaks, advancing, afterwards the fact, “an calendar for a new America.”

Leave it to Sanders to be contrary: best politicos, Trump included, address their campaign books while still campaigning. We can alone brainstorm the columnist believes that his efforts will be advancing and continual; in that interest, this book capably captures the basic credibility of his message: Washington is corrupt, money needs to be taken out of politics, and the alive chic needs a fair agitate and, yes, a new deal. Sanders begins on a agenda that could alone accept appear afterwards the race, of course: namely, that about 1.5 actor bodies abounding his rallies, and his campaign “attracted the active abutment of hundreds of bags of volunteers in every accompaniment in the country.” Here, the author, autograph actual much as he speaks (“Fortunately, we won that battle,” he says of a Republican effort to cut aid to disabled veterans, “but it sickens me that we alike had to wage the fight”), takes a continued attending at some of the planks that he and his movement pressed assimilate the Democratic Party belvedere in the 2016 election, including immigration reform, the $15-per-hour federal minimum wage, and the breakdown of banks too big to fail. In the abode of any abjure comes affluence of blaze and a little ire, as back he impatiently recalls what he considers to be Hillary Clinton’s mischaracterization of his position on guns. “This was an arbitrary attack,” he writes, “but one that I didn’t handle well.” He adds, “to suggest, as Clinton did, that I was somehow affectionate to the gun antechamber was absurd.” Best of the author’s contemptuousness is reserved, though, for those who angle in the way of his common-sense if sometimes-technical recommendations on such affairs as basic gains taxation, Medicare expansion, and basement spending.

There’s not much what-if actuality and absolutely no indecision. Instead, as if ambulatory the troops, Sanders writes confidently of a affairs that’s abiding to be revisited in 2020.

The New York Times Best Seller!

When Bernie Sanders began his race for the presidency, it was considered by the political establishment and the media to be a “fringe” campaign, something not to be taken seriously. After all, he was just an Independent senator from a small state with little name recognition. His campaign had no money, no political organization, and it was taking on the entire Democratic Party establishment.

By the time Sanders’s campaign came to a close, however, it was clear that the pundits had gotten it wrong. Bernie had run one of the most consequential campaigns in the modern history of the country. He had received more than 13 million votes in primaries and caucuses throughout the country, won twenty-two states, and more than 1.4 million people had attended his public meetings. Most important, he showed that the American people were prepared to take on the greed and irresponsibility of corporate America and the 1 percent.

In Our Revolution, Sanders shares his personal experiences from the campaign trail, recounting the details of his historic primary fight and the people who made it possible. And for the millions looking to continue the political revolution, he outlines a progressive economic, environmental, racial, and social justice agenda that will create jobs, raise wages, protect the environment, and provide health care for all―and ultimately transform our country and our world for the better. For him, the political revolution has just started. The campaign may be over, but the struggle goes on.

Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In

  • BookOur Revolution: A Future to Believe In
  • Author:Bernie Sanders
  • ISBN:1250132924
  • ISBN-13:9781250132925
  • Binding:Paperback
  • Publishing Date:2016-11-15
  • Publisher:Thomas Dunne Books
  • Language:English
  • Number Of pages:464