• Who Killed These Girls?: Cold Case: The Yogurt Shop Murders by Beverly Lowry
  • Who Killed These Girls?: Cold Case: The Yogurt Shop Murders
    by : Beverly Lowry , | Publisher : Knopf | Category : True Crime

Who , Killed , These , Girls?: , Cold , Case: , The , Yogurt , Shop , Murders , 0307594114, 9780307594112

An all-embracing examination of an baffling 1991 annihilation of four boyish girls at a arctic yogurt shop in Austin, Texas.

The girls had all been shot, their bodies were incinerated at the aback of the shop, and one or added of them was raped. For years, Austin badge and prosecutors investigated relentlessly afterwards arrests, while the families of the four victims (two of them sisters) mourned, journalists advertisement and appear assorted new twists as able-bodied as speculation, and four boyish boys feared they would become defendants because one of them had abominably talked aloud, implicating himself and three acquaintances—maybe candidly or maybe falsely. Lowry (Harriet Tubman: Imagining a Life, 2007, etc.) agilely explains why the original assassination detective never acquainted assured abundant about the affirmation to arrest anybody but how a afterwards investigator believed in the answerability of the four males and manipulated affirmation to fit his theory. Prosecutors eventually accepted abundant of the all-a-quiver affirmation to allegation two of the males. In separate jury trials, they acquired convictions. A third doubtable was arrested but never tried. The fourth suspect, the declared agitator who had announced out, sat in jail for years afterwards actuality approved and eventually won absolution on a legal technicality but died a decade afterwards while aggravating to escape badge afterwards a traffic stop that escalated. Lowry did not activate belief the case until 2009, but she absorbed herself so acutely that she produces an all-embracing book. She examines endless amiss theories about the abomination afterwards extensive a definitive answer. Along the way, the columnist explains assorted phenomena related to blameworthy aesthetics in hundreds of added cases, including why some suspects confess to crimes they never committed. In the yogurt boutique case, two of the male suspects did acknowledge afterwards high-pressure interrogations by police detectives, again afterwards recanted their adventures and approved absolution at their trials.

A abominable album on criminal amends in the byzantine American system—will address to true-crime aficionados but acceptable not a beyond audience.

From the author of Crossed Over, another masterful account of a horrible crime: the murder of four girls, countless other ruined lives, and the evolving complications of the justice system that frustrated the massive attempts--for twenty-five years now--to find and punish those who committed it.

The facts are brutally straightforward. On December 6, 1991, the naked, bound-and-gagged bodies of the four girls--each one shot in the head--were found in an I Can't Believe It's Yogurt! shop in Austin, Texas. Grief, shock, and horror spread out from their families and friends to overtake the city itself. Though all branches of law enforcement were brought to bear, the investigation was often misdirected and after eight years only two men (then teenagers) were tried; moreover, their subsequent convictions were eventually overturned, and Austin PD detectives are still working on what is now a very cold case. Over the decades, the story has grown to include DNA technology, false confessions, and other developments facing crime and punishment in contemporary life. But this story belongs to the scores of people involved, and from them Lowry has fashioned a riveting saga that reads like a Russian novel, comprehensive and thoroughly engrossing.

Who Killed These Girls?: Cold Case: The Yogurt Shop Murders

  • BookWho Killed These Girls?: Cold Case: The Yogurt Shop Murders
  • Author:Beverly Lowry
  • ISBN:0307594114
  • ISBN-13:9780307594112
  • Binding:Paperback
  • Publishing Date:2016-10-11
  • Publisher:Knopf
  • Language:English
  • Number Of pages:400