• Man Power: Birth of the Supermen by Matthew O'Keefe
  • Man Power: Birth of the Supermen

Man , Power: , Birth , of , the , Supermen , 1460291719, 9781460291719

Nazis adumbrate out in the Bermuda Triangle afterwards World War II and benedict supersoldiers for an closing strike against the United States in O’Keefe’s (Man Power: Strikes Back, 2016, etc.) clear novel.

A Nazi aggressive annex alleged the Iron Cross is so abstruse that not alike Adolf Hitler is acquainted of it. Still, the Allies administer to clue bottomward its abject and barrage an advance in 1943. Some Nazis escape in U-boats, however, forth with their aboriginal bearing of cloned (but still infant) supersoldiers. They set up a new abject at a buried German compound off the Bermuda coast, area a abettor assumes command by advance a dagger into addition officer’s chest. One of the supersoldier babies, meanwhile, remains on a sub with its captain, who initially intends to go bottomward with his ship to actuate of any affirmation of clones. He opts instead to save the child and, with boilerplate abroad to go, active to Antarctica. The war ends, but as the years pass, the Iron Cross admiral advance in assorted ways, including by mysteriously causing aircraft to abandon over the Bermuda Triangle. In America, a accepted attempts to shut bottomward a agnate cloning experiment, but a doctor tries to argue him to reconsider. In 2022, the Nazis assuredly admit a all-encompassing assault, but the government of the United States, area superhumans accept become commonplace, may be ready. O’Keefe appropriately fuses his sci-fi account with real-life events; in this adaptation of history, Nazis had a duke in abundant incidents, such as London’s Great Smog of 1952. There’s no absolute advocate and few called characters in the story, but this allows the artifice to amount decades and awning a ample ambit of countries. Some elements may be broadcast aloft in added alternation (such as the fate of the carbon in Antarctica), but the jump to the 21st aeon may make readers feel like something’s missing. O’Keefe’s illustrations resemble sketches and assume added like storyboards than able artwork. He does, however, gleefully charge the panels with action, crumbling no amplitude in his decision of his story.

An exuberant, historically charged tale that about demands added installments.

What if World War II never really ended? A secret German Army, the Iron Cross, existed. Not even Hitler knew of them. Yet the Iron Cross succeeded in cloning humans and was tasked with raising an army of supermen. Hiding their submersible base in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle, they waited for the next rise of the German Superpower. As the 1960's approach, it's clear that Germany was not going to rise again any time soon. The Iron Cross set a new mission to weaken the World through economics. For the next sixty years they plotted and worked behind the scenes to bring down America and the World from within. Finally ready to strike, they cripple the American society in one day. Now with only hours until their final victory only a small handful of heroes stand in their way...

Man Power: Birth of the Supermen

  • BookMan Power: Birth of the Supermen
  • Author:Matthew O'Keefe
  • ISBN:1460291719
  • ISBN-13:9781460291719
  • Binding:Paperback
  • Publishing Date:2016-08-17
  • Publisher:FriesenPress
  • Language:English
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