• This Isn't a Game (Jackson Oliver Mysteries) by David Moss
  • This Isn't a Game (Jackson Oliver Mysteries)
    by : David Moss , | Publisher : Poisoned Pen Press | Category : Fiction & Literature

This , Isn't , a , Game , (Jackson , Oliver , Mysteries) , 1464206279, 9781464206276

An adopted online bank is bent amid defalcation and blacklisting back a continued attempt pays off.

Kenny, linemaker for VegasVegas.com, would rather stick to handicapping anticipated contest like football amateur and horse races. But VegasVegas buyer Jackson Oliver, insisting that BigFatJackpot.com fabricated more profit from the Michael Jackson balloon than from the Apple Series, puts up an entertainment folio for sideshow bets, like the aftereffect of The Bachelorette. The Andrew Marvel balloon is a accepted favorite, with odds running 2 to 5 for a accusable adjudication for the cine administrator accused of killing his wife, Audrey, in their summer home in Vermont. Acquittal is 7 to 4, and 100 to 1 adjoin the accuse actuality dropped, allowance so continued that Jackson is accommodating to raise the absolute to $1,000 for Cass Gallaway, a cipher from Greensboro, Vermont. Next day, of course, the DA announces the adjournment of the charges, based on a videotape his appointment accustomed assuming Marvel at a cabin three hours abroad at the time Audrey was killed. Jackson can’t allow to pay off; Gallaway threatens to report him to the Adopted Gaming Commission if he doesn’t get his winnings within three days. So to abstain the commission’s blacklist, Jackson leaves sunny Costa Rica for Greensboro, area he bribes the buyer of the Morning Loon Motel to accord him a allowance that would commonly be airtight up by one of the reporters covering the trial. Readers assured dank annihilation capacity or an central peek into the alluring apple of adopted bank are advised instead to a tepid slog through rural Vermont as Jackson grapples with questions like “Who was the last being to log into Cass Gallaway’s annual on the computer at the public library?” and “Why did Gallaway go all the way to Brattleboro to beam at a farmer’s aged weathervane?”

It may not be a game, but Moss’ admission isn’t absolutely an adventure either, back the buyer of VegasVegas turns out to be BoringBoring.

The VegasVegas online casino posts entertainment propositions like American Idol, political elections and celebrity trials. VegasVegas customers don't want to bet on speeding tickets or misdemeanor theft. They want murder. They're star-obsessed like the rest of society. Athlete, musician, actor, socialite - the more the victim or alleged perpetrator shows up on TMZ, the more money bettors fork out.

The movie director Andrew Marvel is on trial for murdering his wife, Audrey, in their summer home in Greensboro, Vermont. Audrey's blood was all over Andrew's clothes, which the police found at the bottom of the lake behind the Marvel house. Andrew's wild account of where he'd been the night of the murder sounds like it was ghost written by the prosecutor.

Most VegasVegas customers know a sure thing when they see one and bet on conviction. But a local bettor puts $500 on dropped charges at 125 to 1 odds. Two days later an unshakable alibi surfaces proving the movie director couldn't have murdered his wife. All charges are dropped.

The casino owner, Jackson Oliver, suspects the bettor of involvement in the murder, making the bet fraudulent. Before he pays out the winnings, Jackson goes to Vermont to investigate.

This Isn't a Game (Jackson Oliver Mysteries)

  • BookThis Isn't a Game (Jackson Oliver Mysteries)
  • Author:David Moss
  • ISBN:1464206279
  • ISBN-13:9781464206276
  • Binding:Paperback
  • Publishing Date:2016-10-04
  • Publisher:Poisoned Pen Press
  • Language:English
  • Number Of pages:236