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Men , 1925240916, 9781925240917

A French extra active in Los Angeles avalanche adamantine for a Cameroon-born amateur whose attraction with administering a blur adjustment of Heart of Darkness leads them both to his home country.

Readers attractive for a feminist hero apparently won’t acquisition her in Solange, the white blur extra at the centermost of Darrieussecq’s (All the Way, 2013, etc.) analysis of race, celebrity, and (mostly) unreciprocated love. Solange is instantly ardent when, at a affair befuddled by her acquaintance George (as in Clooney, surname implied), she sees Kouhouesso, whose bald attendance reduces her to “to blackout and solitude. Soon she's sleeping with this handsome, self-serious man, whose “big idea”—a film version of Heart of Darkness, attack in Africa—will always, it’s clear from the start, be his aboriginal priority. Kouhouesso will abandon for days in amid their encounters, texting occasionally but about aloof. And so it goes: he works, she waits, and admitting their accord turns added serious, it never absolutely evolves. As a annotation on race, Darrieussecq’s atypical doesn’t always breach new arena (“Up until now she had hardly anticipation about Africa, other than to accelerate off a cheque”). As a account of the humiliations and occasional joys of admiring addition whose own animosity are added ambiguous, though, it feels queasily accurate. The adventure works abnormally able-bodied already the narrative accouterment to Cameroon, area the capacity of the blur shoot, from an ill-fated attack to get a accumulation of Pygmy girls to accomplish for the camera to various prop and apparel setbacks, add some absolute banana bend to the proceedings.

A sometimes biting, generally acutely empiric booty on a relationship one would absolutely rather apprehend about than be allotment of.

'As a chronicle of the humiliations and occasional joys of loving someone whose own feelings are more ambiguous...it feels queasily accurate...A sometimes biting, often sharply observed take on a relationship one would surely rather read about than be part of.'—Kirkus

'[Readers will] find themselves enchanted by Darrieussecq’s silken, dreamy prose and this sly exploration of female desire and interracial couplings.'—Booklist

'There are few writers who may have changed my perception of the world, but Darrieussecq is one of them.'—Times

'Anyone who has experienced heartbreak will relate but should beware because this is a moody, powerful book.'—The Age

Solange is thirty-something, a mediocre actress, and not a great mother. In Hollywood she falls for a charismatic actor, Kouhouesso, who wants to direct a movie of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness—in Africa.

Solange follows her man to Africa, determined to play a main role in both his film and his affections. But nothing goes to plan in this witty examination of romance, movie-making and clichés about race relations. After all, there's no guarantee you'll be loved by the one you love.


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  • Author:Marie Darrieussecq,Penny Hueston,
  • ISBN:1925240916
  • ISBN-13:9781925240917
  • Binding:Paperback
  • Publishing Date:2016-10-11
  • Publisher:Text Publishing Company
  • Language:English
  • Number Of pages:272