• Two Homes, One Childhood: A Parenting Plan to Last a Lifetime by Robert E. Emery
  • Two Homes, One Childhood: A Parenting Plan to Last a Lifetime
    by : Robert E. Emery , | Publisher : Avery | Category : Social Sciences

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How to ensure your adolescent has a good life during and afterwards your divorce.

When two parents separate—whatever the reason—the adolescent or accouchement from that accord are aback faced with the massive claiming of active in two altered homes. Emery (Psychology and Director, Center for Children, Families, and the Law/Univ. of Virginia; The Truth about Accouchement and Divorce, 2004, etc.) provides guidelines on how to accomplish abiding the child’s needs and wants are taken affliction of, behindhand of whether it seems fair to the parents. Using ample analysis and his own experiences, the columnist shows how the adolescent must come aboriginal in any divorce, with anniversary ancestor acknowledging the adolescent by giving him or her a safe environment, actual love, constant discipline, and minimal acknowledgment to affectionate conflicts. He discusses what collective aegis really represents from the angle of the child—this generally does not beggarly an equal number of hours spent with anniversary parent. The abstraction of 50/50 aegis doesn’t take into annual the child’s desires and charge to absorb time with the ancestor he or she feels best adequate around. From adolescence through the aboriginal school years and into the teens, Emery identifies specific situations for anniversary age level and gives parents the all-important accoutrement to accommodate so that the child always comes first. Whether the affair is breast-feeding, award the right school, the accession of new stepparents, or the continued distances children sometimes biking in adjustment to see anniversary parent, the columnist analyzes the arguments each ancestor ability present. Although his commitment is a bit repetitive, Emery’s assessment of annulment and its furnishings on accouchement is spot-on. Parents faced with annulment would do able-bodied to accompany Emery’s book to the table at the next mediation session.

Research and accepted faculty back solid strategies that acquiesce accouchement to cross the ups and downs of divorce with basal damage.

A paradigm-shifting model of parenting children in two homes from an internationally recognized expert.
A researcher, therapist, and mediator, Robert Emery, Ph.D., details a new approach to sharing custody with children in two homes. Huge numbers of children are affected by separation, divorce, cohabitation breakups, and childbearing outside of marriage. These children have two homes. But their parents have only one chance to protect their childhood. Building on his 2004 book The Truth About Children and Divorce and a strong evidence base, including his own research, Emery explains that a parenting plan that lasts a lifetime is one that grows and changes along with children’s—and families’—developing needs. Parents can and should work together to renegotiate schedules to best meet the changing needs of children from infancy through young adult life. Divided into chapters that address the specific needs of children as they grow up, Emery:

   • Introduces his Hierarchy of Children’s Needs in Divorce
   • Provides specific advice for successful parenting, starting with infancy and reaching into emerging adulthood
   • Advocates for joint custody but notes that children do not count minutes and neither should parents
   • Highlights that there is only one “side” for parents to take in divorce: the children’s side
Himself the father of five children, one from his first marriage, Emery brings a rare combination of personal and professional insight and guidance for every parent raising a child in two homes.

Two Homes, One Childhood: A Parenting Plan to Last a Lifetime

  • BookTwo Homes, One Childhood: A Parenting Plan to Last a Lifetime
  • Author:Robert E. Emery
  • ISBN:1594634157
  • ISBN-13:9781594634154
  • Binding:Paperback
  • Publishing Date:2016-08-09
  • Publisher:Avery
  • Language:English
  • Number Of pages:336