• Quail Farming For Beginners by Elly Frank

Quail , Farming , For , Beginners , 1546663967, 9781546663966

If you long to raise healthy, fertile, productive, and vibrant quails, as a hobby or to generate some income, then this is your perfect read. I have been raising quails for awhile, and have learnt invaluable knowledge throughout these years that I am passing along herein. This book exposes you to a number of vital things you need to know on raising healthy and productive birds, thereby helping you limit your exposure to a disastrous start. It's essential to learn how to raise quails in the right way, to save yourself together with the birds from the agony of negative results or massive loss. In a nutshell, if you are looking for a quick and perfect beginners' guide to raising quails, this is the one.

Quail Farming For Beginners

  • BookQuail Farming For Beginners
  • Author:Elly Frank
  • ISBN:1546663967
  • ISBN-13:9781546663966
  • Binding:Paperback
  • Publishing Date:2017-05-12
  • Publisher:CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Language:English
  • Number Of pages:70