• \'Twixt Land and Sea Tales by Joseph Conrad

\'Twixt , Land , and , Sea , Tales , 1544886713, 9781544886718

Joseph Conrad has come into his own. The three stories contained in this volume take rank with the most mature and romantic of his work. The charming love and adventure of the life which he depicts in remote places confirm the growing belief that he is among the greatest of living creative writers. Contents: A Smile of Fortune; The Secret Sharer; Freya of the Seven Isles

\'Twixt Land and Sea Tales

  • Book\'Twixt Land and Sea Tales
  • Author:Joseph Conrad
  • ISBN:1544886713
  • ISBN-13:9781544886718
  • Binding:Paperback
  • Publishing Date:2017-03-24
  • Publisher:CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Language:English
  • Number Of pages:204