• Re-Set for America by Pete Thorsen

Re-Set , for , America , 1544870760, 9781544870762

Three complete stories from one of America’s most popular apocalyptic writers. Viral Survival When a viral outbreak decimates the population of all the countries of the world a young couple in a northern state in America tries to weather the resulting hardships. A Rocky Demise A bitter man and a lonely woman barely start their lives together when twin asteroids strike the Earth causing an incredible disaster. A Hard Fall This is one family's story of living through a drastic catastrophe that effects the whole United States forcing the population to live without electric power.

Re-Set for America

  • BookRe-Set for America
  • Author:Pete Thorsen
  • ISBN:1544870760
  • ISBN-13:9781544870762
  • Binding:Paperback
  • Publishing Date:2017-03-24
  • Publisher:CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Language:English
  • Number Of pages:310