• An Atheist and a Christian Walk into a Bar: Talking about God, the Universe, and Everything by Randal Rauser,Justin Schieber,


In this 21st-century take on the abiding attitude of abstract dialogue, two intellectuals battle it out in the amphitheatre of account and witticisms.

Unfortunately for readers, the consistent chat is a rather unappealing aggregate of sophomoric jokes and abstract conundrums. The assignment is neither insightful enough to appoint those absorbed in the abstract arguments abaft theism and atheism, nor is it attainable abundant to address to a broader audience. That’s not to say Rauser (Historical Theology/Taylor Seminary; Is the Atheist My Neighbor?: Rethinking Christian Attitudes Against Atheism, 2015, etc.) and Schieber, an agnostic academician and YouTube contributor, don’t cover weighty topics. Among those is “massive apostolic disagreement”—if God exists, why are account about his attributes so thoroughly varied? Elsewhere, the question arises of why God would accept created a cosmos that is almost entirely brusque against the few acquainted beings meant to adoration him. Do the adorableness and accomplishment of mathematics advance one to accept in a creating God, or is this artlessly a advantageous absoluteness of existence? What does change teach us about the actuality or antithesis of God? Rauser and Schieber go back and alternating with these and added capacity but action few conclusions. Their subject matter, however, is riddled with jokes, puns, and added attempts at amusement and levity, which, if minimized, would accept the adapted aftereffect of removing the loaded botheration of “argument” from this age-old discussion. However, the authors take it too far. After endless curve like, “I feel ailing that my glossy shtick doesn’t stick,” or, “since the clairvoyant can’t see me, let the almanac reflect that my eyebrows are ascent in incredulity,” readers will artlessly feel patronized.

A acceptable abstraction batty for the account of entertainment. Readers absorbed in this affair should about-face to Gary Gutting’s Talking God: Philosophers on Belief (2016).


The question of God is simply too important--and too interesting--to leave to angry polemicists. That is the premise of this friendly, straightforward, and rigorous dialogue between Christian theologian Randal Rauser and atheist Justin Schieber. Setting aside the formality of the traditional debate, the authors invite the reader to join them in an extended, informal conversation. This has the advantage of easing readers into thorny topics that in a debate setting can easily become confusing or difficult to follow.

Like any good conversation, this one involves provocative arguments, amusing anecdotes, and some lively banter. Rauser and Schieber begin with the question of why debates about God still matter. They then delve into a number of important topics: the place of reason and faith, the radically different concepts of God in various cultures, morality and its traditional connection with religious beliefs, the problem of a universe that is overwhelmingly hostile to life as we know it, mathematical truths and what they may or may not say about the existence of God, the challenge of suffering and evil to belief in God, and more.

Refreshingly upbeat and amicable throughout, this stimulating conversation between two friends from opposing points of view is an ideal introduction to a perennial topic of debate.

An Atheist and a Christian Walk into a Bar: Talking about God, the Universe, and Everything

  • BookAn Atheist and a Christian Walk into a Bar: Talking about God, the Universe, and Everything
  • Author:Randal Rauser,Justin Schieber,
  • ISBN:1633882438
  • ISBN-13:9781633882430
  • Binding:Paperback
  • Publishing Date:2016-12-06
  • Publisher:Prometheus Books
  • Language:English
  • Number Of pages:220