• The Thibodaux Massacre: Racial Violence and the 1887 Sugar Cane Labor Strike (True Crime) by John DeSantis


A abstruse massacre is brought to light.

In 1887, the tumultuous elements of the contempo past—slavery, sharecropping, a new movement in unionizing workers, etc.—came calm in Thibodaux, Louisiana, in a devastating manner, as the astriction amid acreage owners and ailing paid workers led to a bang on amoroso plantations. Threats during the bang turned into a accumulation annihilation of atramentous workers so hushed by the media and disregarded by society that to this day, the absolute cardinal of deaths is unknown. Journalist DeSantis (The New Untouchables: How America Sanctions Police Violence, 1994, etc.) spent added than a decade aggravating to bark aback the layers of history to afford ablaze on what locals referred to as the Thibodaux Massacre. The author is the aboriginal to accede that in 10 years of research, he was able to learn surprisingly little about the killings, but back new advice came to light in the anatomy of absolute accounts independent in a alimony file, it formed the basis of the adventure he presents here. It is conceivably the acclimatized reporter’s drive for hard facts and the bigger account that assignment adjoin DeSantis, because in the final product, they act to abstruse the abomination at the centermost of the book. Though the annihilation itself lasted alone hours, that is the adventure the columnist strives to impart, and capacity about those hours booty up adored little amplitude in the narrative. Without the pieces that accommodate blush to the abomination itself, DeSantis relies heavily on actual capacity instead. Some of these absolutely acutely accommodate ambience to the massacre, allowance readers accept the tensions that existed and how the situation came to a head. Other information, though, seems borderline and distracting. Admitting well-written, informative, and interesting, the book lacks a bright focus on the abomination at its heart.

A bigger best for Southern history buffs than for true-crime junkies.


On November 23, 1887, white vigilantes gunned down unarmed black laborers and their families during a spree lasting more than two hours. The violence erupted due to strikes on Louisiana sugar cane plantations. Fear, rumor and white supremacist ideals clashed with an unprecedented labor action to create an epic tragedy. A future member of the U.S. House of Representatives was among the leaders of a mob that routed black men from houses and forced them to a stretch of railroad track, ordering them to run for their lives before gunning them down. According to a witness, the guns firing in the black neighborhoods sounded like a battle. Author and award-winning reporter John DeSantis uses correspondence, interviews and federal records to detail this harrowing true story.

The Thibodaux Massacre: Racial Violence and the 1887 Sugar Cane Labor Strike (True Crime)

  • BookThe Thibodaux Massacre: Racial Violence and the 1887 Sugar Cane Labor Strike (True Crime)
  • Author:John DeSantis
  • ISBN:1467136891
  • ISBN-13:9781467136891
  • Binding:Paperback
  • Publishing Date:2016-11-14
  • Publisher:The History Press
  • Language:English
  • Number Of pages:176