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  • Limboland (St. Augustus Chronicles) (Volume 2)
    Views : 287
    Pages : 238

    by: Leigh Goodison

    Publisher: pSheffield Publications

    Book Description

    Goodison’s (The Jigsaw Man, 2015, etc.) second volume in the St. Augustus Chronicles centers on two half sisters who may be psychically linked.

    In this family melodrama, an elderly driver strikes an 8-year-old gi ... more

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    ISBN-10: 0692746005

    ISBN-13: 9780692746004

    Language: English

  • Pseudo-Dragon (The Blue Dragon's Geas) (Volume 4)
    Views : 399
    Pages : 462

    by: Cheryl Matthynssens

    Publisher: pCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

    Book Description

    In the fourth YA fantasy adventure of Matthynssens’ (Magic Scorned, 2015, etc.) series, a young water mage gains an immense advantage.

    Alador has been training for the elite Blackguard in the Lerdenian capital of ... more

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    ISBN-10: 1523620226

    ISBN-13: 9781523620227

    Language: English